Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 6 predictions

Baltimore @ Indianapolis - Indy is still under-performing and should have lost to houston. Still Peyton usually winds up doing well against Baltimore. So ill go with the Colts
Detroit @ Minnesota - ... who cares, go with Gus i guess
Oakland @ New Orleans - The saints need to get healthy. Drew Brees can't throw to 6th stringers all year and expect to win. Still Oakland is really bad at football.
Cincinnati @ NY Jets - Im not convinced either team is that good (One just plain sucks). Smart money picks the Jets Farve is coming off a bye week and 6 TD passes. But i was impressed with the way Cincy finished in Dallas. Big Upset of the Week go Bengals!
Chicago @ Atlanta - Bears play Defense well. They found a winning Formula against the Lions with a solid ground attack backed up by a sustaining air attack. Bears will win, im thinking its gonna be a big win too.
Carolina @ Tampa Bay - This is for first place in a crazy division. Ill go with carolina since their defense has been very dominant this year. Also the offense is playing well.
St. Louis @ Washington - this doesn't even need an explanation.... but the redskins are the best team in football right now!
Miami @ Houston - i don't know... i guess the texans. but if Matt Schaub is still hurt then ill have to go for Miami
Jacksonville @ Denver - This should be a great game. It will be close no matter who wins but im going to with the Jaguars since i think they will just run all over Denver and own TOP
Philly @ San Fran - Philly should kill them. they pride them selves on being so tough and they got man-handled by the Skins. look for revenge!
Green Bay @ Seattle - god these two teams would have been a no brainer to win their division at the start of the year, but now that no longer seems the case. Seattle is pretty awful so i give the nod to the cheese heads
Dallas @ Arizona - Arizona is still with out Boldin and they will feel that in this game. i guess the cowboys will win but this team is a powder-keg and a loss could light it.
New England @ San Diego - I still think San Diego is going to click back into their winning ways and start to dominate i just haven't seen any evidence of it. This could be a statement game as well as a chance at revenge against their hated foes.
Jersey Giants @ Clevland - Giants will murderate them. Other than the Skins the Giants are the other best team in football. The browns need to grow a pair and learn to take a damn risk!

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