Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Malifools Month 5 or Ortegas take 2

So i've been working on a small guild crew for a little while now. I chose Perdita and her Family for a few reasons. First of all they appeal to me most of the guild. And there was a time where I had in my head I wanted to own a crew from every faction. They have the best fluff, and their models are all unique and really flavorful. Perdita herself is one of my top favorite models in the entire Malifaux line. And lastly they are a powerhouse crew. Their alpha strike is second to none in my opinon, and their damage potential is unreal. So I picked up their starter, Abuela, A governors proxy, an austringer, and 3 death marshalls. So I tried to make them my paint contest crew for october, or maybe september, but I got lazy or lost interest or something and it didnt really work out. So here is take 2 of the Ortegas.

Santiago - He was the only model I finished for the first contest, so he won't be eligable for this one.

Perdita Ortega

Nino Ortega

Governor's Proxy

Abuela Ortega

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