Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Space Marine

So at the beginning of September THQ released the game Space Marine. It came with a decent single player mode and pretty extensive Online play. I bought it on release day for the PS3. It took my a while to get through the single player game. It was a boat load of fun, but a touch shorter then I would have liked. It did set itself up for an expansion or maybe a sequel down the road, with a cliff-hanger ending to the story. All in all the Single player was pretty close to worth the price of the game.

It took me a while to get into the multi-player since the PSN and Space Marine apparently didn't agree with each other off the bat. Thanks to a patch that came through this past weekend (I think) I have been able to get into games very quickly and play to my hearts content.

The Multi-Player has some pretty awesome features. There is a leveling system. Leveling allows you to unlock new armor, weapons, and class upgrades. The Armor is asthetic only. The unlocking weapons and upgrades is where the level differences can rear its ugly head. From levels 1-4 you are stuck with a basic ultra-marine, with a bolter. Once you hit level 4 the Customizer opens up and you can start making your own personal marine, or choose from any of about a dozen pre-set chapters. You also get the ability to select classes, weapons, and perks for your marine. Again, you unlock these as you level up. I made a pretty solid effort to create a Pre-Heresy Death Guard for my Marine, off white armor, gold trim, green should pads and back pack. with a pointey circle and skull in it for the chapter badge. As for my chaos Marine I went for a scheme as close to my Chaos marines minis look, as possible. A dark bone color, with Green Pads, the goal for the chaos was to make it look like the pre-heresy marine was still in his pre-heresy armor, but it just got more chaosified.

PreHeresy Death Guard

This is the chapter badge, they dont have this one, but there is one kind of close.

If I had any photo's of my chaos army they would be here. But I guess I only took photos of my Malifaux.

Its taken me a few days but I have been slowly leveling up and upgrading my weapons. Mostly the bolter as it is my favorite. So, Im telling you the multi-player is very fun, but maybe your worried about how much pain you have to go through to level up while there are all ready people with ridiculous load outs who can kick your butt. Well THQ went ahead and thought of that. Every time you are killed you have the option to return to the game with the same load out as the person who killed you. So the level 41 guy with a Melta-Gun that is kitted out to the nines, will have to deal with you rolling back up on him with the same beefed up melta-gun. It honestly doesn't fully cover the gap between levels, but it does a damn good job helping to close it a bit.

In the end, if you like 3rd person shooters or 40k this game will do no wrong for you. I will say honestly that I think a large part of why I like this game so much as that I really like the 40k universe. So for all you 40k players who dont own this one yet, get off your ass and grab it. Its a solid game.

Final Grade - A
It might be a bit high, but I feel like it earned the grade.

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C Trudden said...

I bought this for PS3 too. If you are ever on, send me a text and we can play multiplayer. Though being only level 4 right now, Im sure you will whomp me.