Thursday, February 9, 2012

Preparing for a paint contest!

Our local group is kicking off a Paint Contest that starts next Tuesday, which as I check my calendar I realize it Valentines Day. Thats not super important to the contest though.

The Challenge - Paint a 50 Point Warmachine Force in 2 months Feb 14 - April - 17. Then in some manner there will be a winner decided, not 100% sure on how yet, but the overal winner gets a Battlefoam Warmachine bag. Which I need since my Army Transport Bag is bursting at the seams and unable to hold my army anymore.

So the 50 Point list will look something like this

Epic Baldur
Wold Guardian
Gnarlhorn Satyr
10x Wolves of Orboros +UA
Wolf Lord Moraig
Blackclad Wayfarer

I have most of the models already, except Ghetorix who wont release until Mid-June and I need 4 more wolf of orboros spears, which are on order from the PP bits dealie.

I also spent a decent amount of time last night with my Dremel and some wood making a display board. It needs to be painted, but I think it will look great when its all done.

Big hope is start knocking out models straight away next week, so I should be throwing up some photos soon.

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