Thursday, November 5, 2009


The Yankees have done it, they made history by winning their record breaking 27th world series. Of course the record they broke was their own. In fact looking at it today the Yankees have no competition for the greatest franchise ever award. They have 27 championships, no other team in any sport has that many. Next closest is the Canadians in Hockey with 24. But they haven't won a cup in 16 years. Outside of an abysmal 80's the Yankees have won the Series at least twice every decade. In baseball the race is even more lopsided. Second to the Yankees 27 titles is St. Louis with 10. They almost triple the second place team. History is on the Yankees side as they have been around since the 20's and many other baseball franchise's have not. But its the consistent ability to be a contender, winning so many titles that makes the Yankees stand out among so many other storied franchises.

Game 6 was beautiful. The Bombers were on fire. The First Matsui homer was sweet enough, but he just kept on driving the runs in. I was very disappointed when A-Rod stepped up with the bases loaded and didn't crush one into Jersey, but Matsui's amazing skills came alive anyways and I'd be lying if I said Andy Petite didn't look like 24 year old stud out there. I can't be alone in the mindset that as soon as Rivera took the mound that game was over. Huge lead and possibly the greatest post season closer ever? Great End to a great series. a game 7 would have been ridiculously magical, but I would have been too worried if the Phillies had won 2 straight and were getting Sabathia on short rest.

The redskins suck. I just needed to get that out there, I still love the team, and I'm dumb enough to hope the Snyder will finally realize that he knows nothing about football, hires a great GM and just sits back cutting checks while watching someone take his precious toy to the promised land. Fire Zorn and Cerrato please. Cut the whole damn offensive line, Cut Campbell, Portis, the Receivers... moss can stay, and trade Landry for some draft picks. rebuild this team around a young talented QB, and give him a solid line and receivers who understand that in order to be play makers you have to get open.

Wizards are great this year, i know its going to be a good post-season run. I'm a little peeved at the losses to Miami, Atlanta and Cleveland, tough opponents to be sure, but those are the guys we will have to beat in the Play-Offs. Maybe we just miss Jamison, but its not like Blache hasn't pitched in. Seriously I'm very pleased with this depth of this team and the coaching. We are 2-3 right now, but its a long season and there are a lot of games to play. We get rematch with the heat in less than a week, so lets get some revenge and get back on track.


Arcane Legions is the bomb diggity. I wish i had more free time to play, but on the same token i remember the last time i had all the free time i wanted i was single and pretty miserable, so I'm glad my time can be spent with Ellen instead of playing games every night. But beyond that I still wish i had more time to play.

Im painting a new unit of Plague Marines, which represent Plague marines #41-50, It seems excessive, especially since i never use more than 10 in an army, but these are going to be painted to match my new stuff, so i will have a more cohesive looking army. Also since i've been informed that GW will be upping their tourney level back to 1850 i need to paint a Rhino to match my Noise marines. If only i could tell past me to stop putting the mark of nurgle on all my vehicles life would be much simpler.

L5R still sucks
Warmachine like half sucks
Fantasy Sucks harder than both of those two put together, yet every time i read another fantasy book i get this crazy idea of how awesome it would be to build an army to look like this or that from the book. Currently i want to build an empire army. Stupid Graham McNeil with his amazing diction and inspiring story line. A empire army with gunners and swordsmen and cavalry sounds sweet. But then i remember that if i want to play with that army, i would have to play Warhammer fantasy and it all goes away.

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