Monday, November 30, 2009


First off im tired, i feel like since i've started working i've been more and more tired. there needs to be a nap time that should come in the thirty minutes following lunch or after you've been at work for an hour and the energy built up from hating your commute fades.

The redskins season died spiritually in week 2 against the Lions, but mathematically it died yesterday. at 3-8 even a five game win streak won't be enough to claw into the playoffs. So its time to rebuild. I think the redskins need to do a few things to start the process. Here is my idea of the matter.

1. Fire everyone! sounds cruel and extreme but I think the redskins need a clean slate. The coaches need to be replaced, Start with a brand new head coach and let him pick the staff that works with him. Zorn did not have the luxury and has been at odds with his staff and crew. The management side needs to go and has needed to go for years. Cerrato should be gone, and his whole crew too. Clean house and start over.

2. Hire a GM with some brains who can stand up to snyder and make decisions. People have been saying this for years and it comes down to Snyder. He needs to step back and let someone who knows football take over. try to lure Chris Polian away from Inddy

3. Hire an Angry coach. This team has been coddled and loved by their nice guy coaches. They have walked all over them and shown Zorn no respect. Its time for an Asshole to take over. A coach like Coughlin or Parcels. Someone who doesn't want to be a friend and a shoulder to cry on. This team has 0 discipline and needs a leader who will command their respect. Drop a load of dollar bills on Gruden's doorstep and see how long he wants to commentate.

4. Take out the trash. Players who get paid to suck at football need to go. Carlos Rodgers, LaRon Landry, Stephon Heyer, Clinton Portis, Fred Smoot, Malcom Kelly, Renaldo Wynn, Randy Thomas, and Philip Daniels. Some of these guys are heart and soul players who have great attitudes and are strong leaders, but this team needs winners. Thomas can't play a full season, Heyer can't play period. Gotta go, find some hungry free agents for low money and bring them in until you can replace them in the draft.

Bam 4 steps, quick, clean, efficient!

I was going to talk about dragon age, but im out of steam. GO Skins! rebuild and conquer all!

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