Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Malifaux Battle Report

This is a 2fer as I played a pair of games last night against John, one the chantilly guys who has made the migration out to Huzzah. I played Perdita in both games, taking Fransico, Santiago, Nino, and an Austringer for my 25 point list.

Game 1 vs Ressers.
He took McMourning, 4 Dogs, 3 Necro Punks, A Flesh Golem, and the Grave Spirit. We ended up with a shared Deliver the message as our strategy. This is actually my first Shared objective game. I chose Kill Protege and Assassinate. Figuring killing his models would be my best bet in this game. I ended up falling victim to the strategy. he hauled foward and lived through as much as he could and ended up delivering the message on turn 2. I proceeded to pick him apart pretty badly, but He ran McMourning the heck away from me, and killed his grudge model when the construct got into Nino and dropped him. I was in bad shape based on the objectives so i was force to over-extend Fransico and Perdita in a last ditch effort to catch up on VP's. It wasn't enough as McMourning hid until he had a clear shot, then ran in and burned severl stones and killed Perdita. It was a rough game, but thankfully short, so we decided to go again.

Game 2 vs Arcanists.
This time I faced Collette, who added in 2 corphyee, and Cassandra. Its the only list I've faced with Collette, so I was slightly familiar with it. We got seperate strategies but both flipped Claim Jump, so it was essentially a shared mission again. He took the 2 arcanist specific schemes, I took Body Guard and Raid. He started fast having The Corphyee duet up and ran down my left flank. By turn 2 he had completed both schemes. I was reeling a bit for his speed, but kept my head. the Duet ran in and killed Nino with a red joker flip for damage. I spent my entire turn killing the stupid thing. and he burned several stones to try and keep it alive. Finally Perdita went and put a stop to all that nonsense. The next turn I did the same to Cassandra, but the soul stone spending kept her alive. He was low on stones from keeping cassandra and the duet up longer and I was closing in on Collette. My next turn I threw all 3 family members up and they went to work on Collette. He used his last stones but she managed to live. He then magicians dueled Perdita and hit her a little bit. Things were going well for me at this point. My Austriner was sitting on the claim jump. Cassandra and Collete were pinned to the right board edge with Santiago haning back to shoot and Collete in melee with Fransico and Perdita. I lost init 6-2, but spent my last soul stone for a re-flip, getting an 11. I went for the alpha strike on Collette who managed to stay alive a lot longer then I anticipated. She finally had no choice but to pop out of the combat, killing Cassandra in the process. But the Ortegas did not let up as Perdita and Santiago kept shooting her until she finally died. It was a very good win for Perdita, and she is now 2-1 (both wins vs Collette).

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