Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Warstore Weekend

Its been way too long since Jay Mike and i went on a gaming adventure. So about a month and half ago I started looking for a local tournament we could all attend. and the Warstore weekend popped up. I was intrigued, but thought it was more of a pipe dream. So I floated out the idea, expecting to be shot down. Instead they both jumped on it. Then with the ball back in my court I faltered, after some serious pushing by them to get me to take the idea seriously, we decided to sack up and hit the road dark and early this weekend to make the trek to New Jersey for the Warstore Weekend

Right now I know for a fact that my Sorylain Fleet and Malifaux Crews will be joining me on the trip. Im pondering the idea of bringing the Chaos or the Ogres as well, but they might get left on the bench. There is a 500 point 8 man free for all saturday night, and I have a few basass cruisers that want to wreck some face. Im on the fence about the malifaux tournament. Its 35 soul stones, 1 master. I would likely take Kirai for this event and i think I could do well. My hang up is that I want to maximize my gaming time, and Im not sure if I want to play random pick up games and demos or a structured tournament. So I'll have to ponder that one a little more as we get closer to the day.

But either way I'm psyched up and ready for a kick ass weekend and some serious gaming hours. I doubt I will sleep much saturday. Probably suppliment sleep with Redbull and Pizza. or maybe something less cliche.

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HuronBH said...

It should be a good weekend. Have we figure out what time we should be hitting the road to get up there for the Show Saturday?

Oh and thanks for reminding me, I need to paint up some Terrans and find me rulebook and cards for FSA.