Monday, January 30, 2012

Hordes Updates

So these past few weeks I've started getting back into Hordes a little bit. It started with that Warmachine Tourney and led to hordes due to the much large portion of my Circle being painted. Also I really like my furry beasts.

I have played 4 games with them thus far, and won 3 (yay me). The Tactics didn't change much from Mk1 to Mk2. But the models did a little. I have picked up some new stuff to finish out my army and give me some more options.

So here is whats coming up for my Hordes.

Iron Painter - A 50 point Army Painting contest being held at Huzzah over the next 2 months. I dont really own a good 50 point Army thats not painted, so I''ve taken the "Whats left approach" and at the moment have 2 options

List #1
Wold Guardian
Gnarlhorn Satyr
Black Clad Wayfarer
Alten Ashley
Wolf Lord Moraig
10 Wolves of Orboros +UA

The difference betwene list 1&2 is replace Grayle with E-Baldur and change Alten to a Feralgeist.

Also there is some kind of league and what appears to be a 35 point tourney in the near future. Local players keep your eyes open for those, others, await my victorious tourney reports!

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