Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Years resolutions

Im not big on these... I usually worry about them until around MLK day and then forget about them for the next 11.5 months. But I keep seeing those around me setting goals for the year, and I found there were a few I wanted to try and hit for me, nothing big or life changing, just things I think my previous experiences have taught me I should do anyways.

#1 Don't buy Minis for a game I do not already own.
This has been an issue for me over the past couple years. I buy into a game, play it for maybe a month and then never touch it again. (Hell Dorado, Pulp City, Infinity, there might be more)

#2 Dont buy any out of faction malifaux crews.
This is a problem becasue I have the attention span of a 3 year old... who got into some coffee... and crack. I get bored easy with games, even games im enjoying. And then I see something shiny and new and want to go spend $200 on it so I can play it for a month only to realize that I like my old stuff better and just go back to it. I have enough crews already (more then enough in fact) no need to buy new ones. I will stick to my ressers and maybe some archanists, but thats it. (I hope)

#3 Read more
No real numbers goal here, and I think I may have hit this already (read the first 2 Dresden books this week) but I need to get back to reading more because at the end of the day it makes you smarter. Expands vocabulary, and gets your brain working as opposed to TV which just lets you shut it off.

#4 Get Into Grad School
This is the biggest one, but its something I feel I need to do... It also has nothing to do with my hobbies, but it is far and away my biggest goal of the year.

Ok thats more then enough, I dont want to start trying to lose weight or anything! I'll check back in next year... or forget, I'm more likely to remember if I complete my goals.

Oh wait, its 2012, why bother doing anything Armageddon is upon us!!! Hope you all live through 2012, I plan to. Im gonna convert my spare bathroom into a bunker set to withstand any attack from atomic to zombie... alphabetically

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HuronBH said...

Good resolutions. However I don't know how you can just play with your current model collection and not buy/paint more, at least a little bit. For me to be excite about a game I need to be adding new things and painting models regularly for it to really stay focused and want to play the game.

Good luck to you and if you want I'd be up for giving Hell Dorado a go at some point. Need to get a Warmahordes game with you though before that.