Thursday, March 8, 2012

QB of the Future

So the Skins need a QB, like right now. I guess they can wait until free agency or the Draft, but the point is they need a QB bad. There are several options, which is good since there are several teams looking. I have some predictions about where this years top QB's will land.

Andrew Luck - Colts, this is my gimme so I get at least 1 right.

Peyton Manning - Dolphins, Great location, stays in AFC, has best team ready for him today. Also its warm down there.

Matt Flynn - Browns, I think Cleveland wants to keep their 2 first round picks. Flynn will let them do that and bring in some firepower to help him out immediately.

Robert Griffin - Redskins, I know this is probably wishful thinking, but I really want this guy to come here. Come On Skins make the damn move!

Ryan Tannehil - Seattle, with the top 4 guys off the board/market Seattle grabs Tannehill and hope Pete Carrol can develop him into a winner. Also think Seattle nabs Kyle Orton or Jason Campbell to work as starter till Tannehil is ready.

I'll check back after the draft in April, I predict that my predictions will be 100% accurate!

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