Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quick Paint Update

The Warmachine competition painting is going so poorly I doubt I'll finish. Still just E-Baldur and the Feralgeist are painted. Unless I get on a roll in the last month I may just bow out of this one.

On the upside I've been on a paintin frenzy for Malifaux!
Recently I have painted up
Collodi & his Marrionettes
Ashes & Dust, also the Ashen Core and Dust storm
All 3 Drowned

I try to keep my Malifaux painting queue small, and this recent flurry of painting has helped that out. No idea what all is on it at the moment, but the big ones who are likely to get painted soon include:

Desperate Mercenary
Desolation Engine

as for the Hordes crew, Ghetorix will be in hand today so Im not completely out