Friday, March 13, 2009

Cooking Channel

It may sound weird but I find myself addicted to this channel. I always like cooking, most of my recipes are pretty basic, cook up some chicken or steak add rice and that's about it. But I really try to broaden my horizons. Its a really fun channel to watch though, I don't think I could every really recreate these dishes, but that's not really the point. But i do get some pretty sweet ideas. I think its time for me to broaden my cooking spectrum to include ribs. I mean seriously who doesn't like ribs. The problem is I never pay enough attention to cook the meals they show on this channel. Like right now the lady is making ribs and instead of watching I'm writing this.

Oh and because I just saw it I feel like I need to comment on it. Olive Garden as the absolute worst advertisement department in the world. Every commercial looks fake and the actors are so cheesy and forced. Come on nobody is that cheery and that happy just because they get unlimited salad and bread sticks. It's not that they aren't delicious, I love those break sticks. But my god every time i watch those ads I just want to punch a kitten. Not really I love my kittens.

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