Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh yeah

Since my passion really is the Redskins, i wanted to talk about free agency a little bit.

So the big three siginings: Derrick Dockery, Deangelo Hall, Albert Haynsnworth.

Dockery is returning after a two year hiatus with the bills. His presence will shore up the left side, along with Samuels they should easily keep Campbell safe and manhandle any defenders allowing Portis some room to run.

Hall is a risk in my book. But i think the skins system will fit him very well. If he can get at least 8 picks this year and not get burned regularly by receivers he will be well worth his pay check. 8 picks or 6 with 2 returned for a TD.

Big Albert Haynsworth: This is quite a signing. Yes i do believe he will instantly make our defense go from a perrenial top 5 to competing with Pittsburgh and Baltimore for best in the league. With his presence we should be able to finally get pressure on the opposing QB and force a turn over or two every game. But he isn't an every down player and its been said that he won't give it his all. I like a true naive believer will shun those naysayers and hope that with the addition of this big guy we will be catapulted into an elite defensive unit.


Sean Springs: Sad to see him go, but i have to say it would have been my decision too. He is a great guy and I wish him a lot of luck in New England. Especially guarding T.O. those two just can't shake each other.

Marcus Washington: Same thing as with Springs. The whole left in this slot will be tough to fill. I'd like to see H.B Blades step up, but I'm just not sure he is ready.

Jason Taylor: Ugh, what a waste. Still he would have been great on a line with Big A, Griffin, and Carter.

Demetric Evans: I was really hoping we would re-sign him. He was starting to come into his own with the team.

With the loss of Taylor and Evans the right side DE is a seriously gaping whole in our defense. Add in the loss of Washington and the whole right wide of the front 7 is weak. We will need to shore that up in the draft is my thought. Hopefully we can draft a DE or an OLB in the first round.

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