Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ummm. today?

i haven't posted in a while so i felt like it was time to write a little bit. i have decided to stop fixing my grammar at least for today's post. i don't have much to talk about but i here are a few things i got going on

I'm poor. the damn government is supposed to send me a check for the home care i've been doing but so far i have a lot of hours and $2.43 in my checking account. come on barrack your writing checks to everyone else. oh thats right i can do political commentary too... but generally i won't.

So Gilbert Arenas came back saturday and really had a great game. 15 points 10 assists, after not playing for almost a year is pretty damn good. I'm very excited about next season. with a little luck we will get the first overall pick and be able insert Blake Griffin right into our rotation. Also Tapscott... its been fun and your a really great guy, but we just feel like we need a coach to coach our team. seriously, i head avery johnson is looking for work.

I have a warmachine tournament this weekend. hopefully it will be a great send off for MKI. I'm going to take a list that is basically cheating. i'm going to bring a pillow so i can catch some ZZzz's between rounds. I don't think its possible for me to lose with this list, but who knows. if someone kills my Cav or both my heavies i will indeed be boned.

Pretty sure thats it for today. i'm really hungry

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