Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New GM Same Crap

I wasn't expecting the first game under Bruce Allen to show me how far the redskins had come from their losing ways. Hell I'm not expecting next season to be any different. I am very excited about this hire. Allen will take over all the aspects of running this team and Snyder will sit back and cut fat checks. This is what the redskins have been missing for the last 10 years. Cerato and Snyder was a disaster, Hopefully Snyder will learn to keep his ideas the hell off the football field and back into what ever the hell business he's in. Honestly I have no idea what he does, if you told me he owns Grey Hound I would probably believe you.

Monday night was appalling. The worst part is the Offense got their act together. In the first half the redskins had nothing. It was a 24 point game and the offense had like -2 yards. On the last drive they started to move the ball, then with 12 second left instead of taking a time out, taking 1 shot at the end zone and if they miss oh well kick a field goal! they wait until there are 2 seconds left, then call a time out and try a swing door for the TD. So what Jim Zorn wants everyone to take away from this is he thinks Hunter Smith is better at throwing TD's than Jason Campbell. Damn you OLD MAN!!! kick a god damn field goal! get on the board!

Second Half the Offense drives right down and scores. If they had taken a field goal, its now only a 2 possession game. Not that it mattered the defense really failed in this one. But maybe a few points a little momentum could get the D to step up. Our secondary is bad. Probably one of the worst in the league. God knows how we've been able to keep this top 10 against the pass illusion going for so damn long. COVER YOUR GOD DAMN MAN! why is this so hard? LaRon Landry TACKLE! don't hit, TACKLE! Wrap him up and bring him to the ground don't fly like a missile at the spot your hope he's going to be! You miss so many times going for the big hits, your a worthless bust! Go play in the UFL.

The giants are not a great team this year, except when they play the redskins. They suck, its just the skins suck more. Thier passing game is week, not against us! They can't create QB pressure, they sacked and hit campbell like every time he went to throw! They can't run, well the redskins can't stop Amahd FRIGGIN Bradshaw that shit stain who only plays well 2 games a year!

Top Needs for the redskins:

O-Line - Campbell can't play when he's being hit every god damn time he drops back to pass

Secondary - Maybe we should get someone to cover opposing receivers and just maybe a real free safety would be nice.

Linebacker/Running Back - We need studs in both of these positions, but not as bad as we need others. A fast Back who can catch and reverse field is he needs to, Chris Johnson is pretty good, think he'd come to Washington?


Dallas Too

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