Thursday, June 9, 2011

Malifaux Painting Frenzy

So I have been pretty diligent in my desire to knock out my ressers and have the whole crew painted up and ready to go. I still have the same 3 models to paint I had last time I posted, something about them is either daunting or uninteresting to me. Cant decide which. Anyways here are the pics of what I've painted in the past few weeks. Some of them are really bad photos, my camera was being a douche and I got lazy.

Kirai's Lost Love, her poor dead boyfriend turned totem.

Nico's Mindless Zombies. Im gonna be honest they look like crap. But they are done, so Im kind of ok with it.

The Crooked Men are less new, but I was waiting until I wanted to really use them to paint them up. Now they will likely be in the majority of my Seamus and Nico lists.

The Guild Autopsies are Brand New, as in I've had them for less then 3 days new.

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