Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Crew... I think

So I needed to paint up a boxset for the Malifaux Achievment League. Problem is I already own every box set I actually want. So I was trying to find some one to pay me to paint theirs. That fell through so with the league winding down I figured I needed to jump on it. I looked at Huzzah's stock and finally went with Pandora. Her box had a few things going for it.

1. It was there
2. It was the cheapest one I didn't own
3. I want to paint the creepy kids.

So Yesterday Before work I glued the models together. Then when I had to come back home from work since I left my wallet and ID badge at home (grumble) I decided may as well prime the crew too, only took about 5 minutes. Then I got home from work and knocked out the three Sorrows and Baby Kade. Then before I went to bed I also cranked out Pandora. So only Candy remains unpainted.



Baby Kade


The big question I've been trying to decide on is do I actually play Pandora, or just paint her up and sell her. If I play her Im gonna end up buying a pack of Stich Together and the Twins. Thats an extra $36. Also Im going to get a proxy model for the Primordial magic. I really hate the puking snake so there is 0 chance I will pick that thing up. I even found my proxy choice.

So what does everyone else think? Should I join the dark side and play not only my most hated foe the Neverborn, but my most hated of the Neverborn Pandora?

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wrabbit37 said...

Much cooler model than the Primordial Magic, that's for sure. If you decide to go for playing the crew, I like the proxy. Since you wouldn't be playing NB in tourneys very often (I assume, since Ressers, Leviticus and Archanists are all still ahead of it in line) that shouldn't be a problem.

If you want to borrow any NB models to give different lists a try, just give me a shout.