Thursday, June 2, 2011

Painting Update

So i've been working pretty diligently to get my ressers completely off my paint table and over the past week i have done a lot of work towards that goal.

I painted up all 3 Crooked Men and Yesterday I knocked out the 6 Mindless Zombies. (Pics tomorrow... maybe)

I also looked back over my Crew and realizes I had missed a Rotten Belle and a Hanged Man when I fist wrote up a list of what I had to paint.

Current List:
Rotten Belle
3 Nurses
1 Hanged

Hanged are 8 points. I dont take 2, Nurses I dont really take period. So with that in mind I have decided that there are a few models I can take out of my case and never really notice they are gone. As Such here is how my paint table is looking

Rotten Belle
Miss Pack (1 nurse)

Then I'll have a pretty much fully painted Resser crew. Im hoping to knock these last 3 models out before the Guild Autopsies release.

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