Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Armor Cast

So I've been working on getting enough Sci-Fi-ish terrain to make up a full Infinity Board, and its gone pretty well thus far. Mike Sold me all his 40k buildings for pretty cheap and I had few other odds and Ends, but I wanted some smaller pieced to fill out my board. Enter Armorcast. Their website has a ton of all Resin terrain and I gotta say the stuff looked pretty good. Each piece isn't very expensive, but thats a dangerous part. I had to cut a few things off the list to keep the price down. In the End I had 5 pieces I really Liked.

Shipping Container

Oil Tank

Propane Tank

Oil Barrels

Soda Can Tanks (Put a Soda Can in the pegs, and paint it up. Should look cool)

I was very excited about my purchase choices. I cant remember if this was April or May that I put in my order, but early spring time frame. After 2 weeks and no shipping update or merchandise I began to get a little annoyed. I sent an e-mail to their Customer Service department asking what was going on. I got a response to effect of, "This Spring we have been doing GREAT! As such we're really backed up." And that was it. Another couple weeks roll by and I send another e-mail. After a month I figured they could catch up and send my stuff. Never responded. And like clock work I sent an e-mail every two weeks, and to remain consistant Armor Cast ignored me. Finally last week I sent them a pretty angry E-mail that said, I either wany my product or my money back, and I really dont care which. They still never responded, but I recieved a notice from Pay Pal the next day that my items had shipped.

They arrived yesterday and I have to say the Quality is great. These items will be used in my infinity games regularly, and maybe in No more room in hell too. But I personally wont use Armor cast ever again after this experience.

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