Friday, July 15, 2011

Two New and Huge Malifaux Models!

First up the Dead Rider. I realize now maybe I should have done some progress pics or something, but here is the story. I bought him the second he came out yesterday. And wasted pretty much no time, I got home put him together and primed him. Then after bowling I started painting him, this morning I based him and Blamo, he's done!

Next we have Snowstorm. Now I am excited for Snowstorm, but not as excited as I was for the Dead Rider. This is Wyrd's 1st Resin model. I think they did a good job with it too. The Detail is really fantastic, but there was a CRAP load of flash. It took me a good half hour to clean the model. Then I tried to dry fit the arms and there were seriously large gaps. Nothing a ton of green stuff wouldn't cure, but still annoying. I let the GS dry over night, and this morning I finished his assembly. Including Pinning Snow and Storm to their resin base.


Lastly a lot of rumors had been floating around about the size of Snowstorm. So I took a side by side of my two new Giants. The Dead Rider is the same size as the Hooded Rider, just less bulky. Snowstorm is right there with them, even on the resin base. Its a pretty big model, just not close to Nightmare Chompy big.


DarkTemplar said...

Good to see Snowstorm in its 'raw' form – thanks for that. Is that a bubble just below the bicep on the left?

Dead Rider looks cool, nice paint job!

Dan said...

No, its hair or something. I checked the model over, no bubbles in it.