Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Avatar Nicodem part 2

Ok so 1 game under my belt Im ready to declare myself a master of Avatar Nicodem! Well maybe not yet, but I at least really loved playing him. I'll start with the basics, what changed:

What he lost: Bolster Undead, Reanimator, Living, Arise, The Fog

What he gains: A lot of Speed, Free Mindless Zombie summons, a double summon, terrifying, Undead, and a Mindless zombie buff spell. Also he gets better in melee. Not enough to care about, but it does happen.

The loss of reanimator is negated by the fact that he auto summons 2 guys with each cast now.
The loss of Arise is negated by Mass Grave which spurts out free zombies each turn.
Living is a weakness so thats totally a gain

So the big things that are not replaced are Bolster and The Fog. Which are both good abilities, but the gains are so monumental that I see no reason not to attach the avatar.

In my game last night Regular Nicodem had nearly settled things when I manifested, but the increased speed was amazing to help me track down Colette and keep her Paralyzed. Combined with his mass Grave to keep him rich in Zombies to speed him up turn after turn and The ability to turn 2 of those chumps onto Punk Zombies meant A-Nico was running the board. I need to pick up another 1-2 blisters of Mindless Zombies after that game. Or find a cheaper suitable proxy for them (more likely, they are expensive)


Tigerstyle said...

I'm thinking of these new Victorian zombies from west wind as an alternative to Wyrd's:

They're a tiny bit cheaper and mostly different.

Mekka Gojira said...

i had a box of warhammer VC zombies that i bought for DnD. work like a charm if you have some round bases sitting around. not sure if that would save you any money tho >.>