Friday, May 4, 2012

Stealing Topics

So Mr White Rabbit put up a reall interesting topic, Favorite Master to Play in Malifaux. And I gotta say I love this idea and am now stealing it. But Im gonna go in reverse order so its different in some manner.

Bottom of the Barrel
I don't really care for these Masters much at all

Pandora - For Pandora its deeper then that. I straight up Hate her. I got her to paint up for a paint contest, and I actually got rid of the crew after what I think was like 3-4 games. She is amazing and usually wins, but I never felt like my opponent had a good time facing her and I never really enjoyed it either. Also she is my least favorite to play against.

Sonia Criid - I'll admit I've played only a couple times. In those games I have been unimpressed by, yeah all of her.

Perdita - I played her a lot back before book 3 came out. I liked her for a while, and then felt every game was 1 dimensional. She wasn't fun to play as or against so I kicked her aside and haven't played her since. I did paint her crew up in a cool blue and khaki look though.

Lucius - Poor guild guys don't get a lot of love from me. I played him a few times and even in a tournament. I like him but felt his crew was lacking. Probably because hes a henchmen and has limited options. Either way he's guild and they are lame.

Raspy - For a while she was one of my top favorite masters. But the more I play her the more she frustrates me. Now I wouldn't mind selling her off. She can put out some impressive damage but she, like perdita, is too 1 dimensional. Its a shame becasue fluff wise I liked her a lot (up until book 3 and she went psycho anyways)

Middle of the Road
I like these guys well enough

Colette - This is purely a style thing. Astheically she is one of my favorite crews. And I basically never lose with her. But I always feel like the games are more like solitare then a competative 1v1 game. I do my thing and avoid my opponent and lock up my points... end of story. Makes her a little bland to play as.

Zorida - My limited experiences with her have been a blast. Including getting blasted by papa loco. But i digress. I really enjoyed using the Hag and I have been tempted to pick her up for myself on multiple ocasions. But she is ugly and her tits hang out in a bad way.

Von Schill - I think hes kind of that middle of the road guy. I almost always take him with the Vicks, but as a leader I've always felt like he was lacking. Still he is a blast to play with. His Vicki friendliness may be bumping him higher then he deserves.

Ramos - He is too similar to my ressers in my mind to stand out. I like him well enough, but not more then any of the resser guys, or my outcasts. Originally I had him higher, but things changed.

Upper Middle Class
These guys I really enjoy, but just aren't my top set

Keris - Punk Rock chick who likes fire. Whats not to like? well limited crew abilities is a big thing. I feel like she is strong enough win, but her crew holds her back.

Marcus - I really liked when no one thought he could win games. It made it all the more fun to play him. I still think hes amazing and Actually writing this makes me want to play with him... he may get bumped over Ramos and Kaeris.

Leviticus - A year ago he would have made my top 3 easily. Now I'm less enamored with him. I still like him since he's in the top half of my masters. But he's not as cool in my mind as he once was.

McMourning - The lowest rated Resser! He is like my neglected child. Rarely making it out of the case. I still like him more then any guild, archanist, or neverborn master. But hes definetly the bottom of the Resser set. Not really sure why, maybe its becasue a lot of other players use him so I want to do different stuff.

I'll be honest this is tough

#5 Molly - Ah my lovely Molly. I want to play her so much its wierd. Its also wierd that I win games with her becasue she is bad. All the limited crew stuff I talked about with Lucius, Schill, and Keris is even worse for Molly. Regardless I just like her. If she had a legit crew she could vie for my top Master choice. Im not sure why I like her so much, I just do.

#4 Kirai - I LOVE Kirai. Ok Absolutely love this chick. Her crew is blindingly awesome. She can do anything she wants in game. Hit, survive, move quicly, grab objectives. The only reason I dont have her even higher is that she can be a chore to play from time to time. But 9/10 times I just love having her on the table.

#3 Vickis - Ah the twins who aren't actually twins. These ladies have shot up my list of favorites since I got them at Nova Open last year. They are fun, deadly, and a bit easy to play, which is nice. Plus games are mega quick. Either I wipe out my opponent, or... no thats basically it =P

#2 Seamus - Seamus was the reason I started playing Malifaux, so I like seeing him up here. He is also a common appearance on the tables too. His Big Gun and Hat are the part of the reason I love the look and themes of this game so much. Also His avatar made him competative which is nice since he really didn't used to be. Seamus will always hold a spot atop this list for me. Hell 6 months ago when his Avatar was still shiny and new he would likely have been #1 easily. speaking of shiny new avatars!

#1 Nicodem - So yeah I used the avatar pic for a reason. Its new and playing with it really reminded how much I love playing the old guy. I think part of the reason I take offense to people calling him weak is I know what he can really do. And when combined with his avatar I really think his power potential is otherwordly. So big props to the Old Guy. I think he's guaranteed to see some more table time in near future.

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Aaron said...

Oh Nicodem. You're in my top 3 for most fun to play (although not in my top 3 for favorite to play).