Monday, January 14, 2013

Paint Update #1

Ok so I got off to a strong start and got 2 models painted today. I was going to focus on Huggy alone, but he gave me some problems that I hope won't be an issue in the future. He would not dry. He is still wet in certain areas, but most of him dried just fine. He still came out looking pretty sweet.

So while I was working on Huggy I started to get bored and pulled up Mei Feng. She came together a lot easier, due to the fact that the paint on her dried in a timely Fashion. So here is a pic of her as well. I couldn't get a very clear picture of her for some reason, but the scheme should show up all right.

Last - The Updated List
Jakob, Yan, Emberling, Soul Porter, 2x Ashigaru, 2x beckoners, Izamu, Desperate Merc, Stiched Together, 10 Thunder Brother, Torkage, Illuminated, Metal Gamin, Rail Worker. Im adding a few more models. These guys aren't as important to the 2-9 date, but are part of the 10T crew, Chiaki, Kang, Graves, 2x Rail Workers, Metal Gamin, Illuminated

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