Friday, January 18, 2013

Update #3? Lets say 3

I painted up 3 models. Stiched Together and Illuminated for Jakob. I like the cheap fairly strong Models that Jakob can take for his crew, these two hit that nicely.

And last is Mei Feng's firs rail worker. Im not a huge fan of these guys, but she needs people to jump around to, and hes the best option she can take for 10T at the moment. Plus he was easy to paint.

Phone won't take very many clear pictures lately. I might go back and take some better ones with my actual camera.

Last but not least THE LIST!!!! (10 Models left for 2-9)
Jakob, Yan, Soul Porter, 2x Ashigaru, 2x beckoners, Izamu, Desperate Merc, 10 Thunder Brother, Torkage, Chiaki, Kang, Graves, 2x Rail Workers, Metal Gamin, Illuminated

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