Monday, January 14, 2013

Painting the 10 Thunders

I haven't really started this process yet. And by that I mean the only model that is painted is the Rail Golem I did like 4 months ago. But as of last night all my 10T models are assembled and based. So its time to get them started. Im planning ot play them in a tournament on 2-9. So I have 26 days to paint 18 models.

The List
Jakob, Mei, Yan, Emberling, Huggy, Soul Porter, 2x Ashigaru, 2x beckoners, Izamu, Desperate Merc, Stiched Together, 10 Thunder Brother, Torkage, Illuminated, Metal Gamin, Rail Worker

I have some type of plan for how to tackle this. Or at least Im going to say I have one. Maybe I'll try and work out one model per day or something. Regardless the plan is to get the Big guys done first. So today my goal is paint up Huggy. Pics will follow as I try to get all these guys done in time for the tournament.

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