Saturday, February 27, 2010

Close ass Game

I just played a game against mike tonight and the title really says it all. To start the crews.

Seamus, 2x Belles, Sybelle, Grave Spirit, 2x Necro-Punks, Convict Gunslinger

Zorida, Mature Nephlim, Young Nephlim, Kade, Candy

We both had treasure hunt. He announced Body Guard and kept kidnap in secret. I announced Army of Undead and kept Hold Out in secret. So I had a possible 7vps he had a possible 8.

We moved into position around our growing town. the treasures today were a pair of hanged corpses whose magical potential were too great for either the Neverborne or Resurectionists to pass up. On turn 2 a Young Nephlim grabbed Seamus' chosen body, that didn't jive too well with the necromancer who had one of his talented Ladies call it over with Lure. On turn 3 Sybelle and a Necro-Punk went full attack on the Nephlim and killed him, the Belle then grabbed the body and made a hasty exit. The little Necro-Punk was killed by black blood as the Nephlim fell. Zorida then made her move, Commanding the Mature Nephlim to charge Seamus. The resulting attacks were devastating. Seamus was reduced to a single wound by the behemoth and the Vodoo Doll had yet to activate and could command it to swing again. Seamus took a spot of courage and pulled a red joker on his attack activating throat slit. The Nephlim was forced to ditch 2 cards to live, doing so lost Mike the Red Joker. Seamus healed with a Soulstone to get a few HP back so he could live through at least 1 more attack and tried a hit of his own on the Nephlim, much to my amazement and mike's chagrin I hit another Crow and Slit the beasts throat. Seamus healed up even further and were starting looking my way. Candy took a full compliment of fire from the Convict who dropped her to 1 wound. She and Kade did their very best on the attack and with the help of Kade's very powerful damage output dropped Seamus back to 1 wound. Candy was killed by a Necro-Punk in the process. The vodoo doll sent Kade another swing and the damned baby killed Seamus, giving mike vps for the Kidnapped scheme. Mike had 2 VPs. Sybelle tried to pick up the Neverborne's body but failed. Zorida flew in as a raven and snagged it. On the next turn my last necro-punk and the vodoo doll went blow for blow and thanks to slow to die both were slain. Kade was dispatched by the gun slinger, but Zorida had flown the coup with raven form. Sybelle and the Gunslinger chased the old hag as fast as they could. Two random game flips came up face cards and we played to turn 8. The Gunslinger trapped her in her own deployment zone and using rapid fire his gun's trigger which went off 3 times put a strong complement of shots into Zorida. But it wasn't enough to kill the suborn witch. She survived and the game ended. We were both able to achieved maximum victory points. he got 8 i got 7. The closest damn game I have ever played. My biggest mistake was keep Hold Out a secret.... That and on turn 5 I could have had the gunslinger charge zorida with the red-joker in hand, should have done that.

On a Different note, Mike has become like a man possessed with the buildings. he has made 5 or 6 old western style buildings, plus a Gallows. It is making our Games look Fantastic! I pitched In today building another one. The town looks amazing, I think a few more small bits here and there to give it more character would be awesome. Also a Sign, like at the entrance of the town with the name painted on it.

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wrabbit37 said...

It was an awesome game - I was pretty pissed when my full-health Mature Nephlim was dropped in one hit. I was sure I'd be able to have him clean off Seamus that turn, then turn his attention to your minions, probably taking another one or two of them down with him. Kade would have finished off the Gunslinger, and victory was already painted in my imagination. Friggin' 9 of Crows!