Sunday, February 14, 2010

Malifaux + a little FSA

I have taken the plunge into the world of Malifaux as i was fairly certain I would. The game is very rich in its fluff, strategies, and subtle nuances. I picked up Seamus the Mad-Hatter, the very model that interested me in this game in the first place, being a huge Alice in wonderland fan. His gang of undead hookers, which includes 3 bells and Madame Sybille, the character hooker. I ordered a box of the Necro punks, I just think they look cool, little half mechanical half undead constructs with wicked claws. The grave spirit, whose model i just don't much care for, but his rules are very solid and he's only 1 point. The Hanged, who i haven't tried yet but just came out this week, I hear they are a great addition to Seamus at higher points. And lastly the convict gun slinger. He is so very very cool, and provides me the range support i need for my army, mine will be painted to look undead... its not like Seamus is gonna pay the guy come on! They are on back-order so im not expecting them until the last week of Feb. Still im really excited.

Bonus F.S.A stuff. we have our campaign guides, thanks to mike who put a lot of effort into getting this off the ground. I will be representing the Collective's Fleet as we attempt to expand our power into the known galaxy while dealing with Pirates and those Rat bastard Dindrenzi.

Admiral Boreas of the Sorylian Collective has assembled his finest ships and crewed them with the strongest Marines and smartest Techs he could find. With the full armadas of the collective at his call he believes he is poised to return the Sorylians to glory.

Sorylian Armada
3x Sword-Breaker class Battle Ships
12x Sky-Hammer class Cruisers
16x Scythe Class Frigates
3x Morning-Star Class Carriers

Glory to Boreas and to the Warriors of Kerender!

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