Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I've been looking more and more into this one and felt compelled to write a bit about it. But first I have to say this, No matter who you are, where you go, or what you do in life for the love of GOD never NEVER drink two energy drinks back to back. If you do this kind of thing regularly already, then my god your body must be a total wreck. I got 2 Monster energy drinks today, thinking hey these are small i better get 2! Well im fairly sure at this point that they are small for a reason. I got about 3/4 done with my second one when it started to hit me. I'm jittery, I feel really disoriented, im totally hyper, my stomach hurts, and i've peed like 5 times in the past 4 hours. Never again, energy drinks on the whole might make it to the never again list at this point.

On to Malifaux. this bad boy is a skirmished based wild west, Victorian, magic fueled world with monsters and demons. Its in the steam punk genre, but is vastly different from warmachine. Its big claim is that instead of Dice you use a deck of playing cards. all standard 52 cards +2 jokers. the mechanic is easy enough. When I attack i flip a card, add its value to my attack. You do the same but add to your defense. if i win or tie i hit. Since 54 cards makes for a very random spread each player gets 6 cards per turn with which they can cheat, replacing their random card with one from their hand. There is also magic, but im still fuzzy on how that one works.

Each band, gang, whatever gets a leader plus a few henchmen. A standard game has between 5-9 models, from what i've seen only 1 leader ever gets above like 10 guys, and hes a minny master.

My big appeal so far is the Battle Fields you can play this game on. its a small skirmish game designed to be played on a small board filled with terrain. I'm envisioning like a train station, a mine shaft, or a city street, like where duels were fought back in the day, with alleys to hide in, or barrels to jump beind.

The Factions all seem very rich to me.
The Guild - These guys are the law in Malifaux. But the only reason they are the law is that they are the gang that was tough enough to take over. They are corrupt and think themselves infalable. They also rule with an iron fist, which is necessary since Malifaux is a very harsh world where if you stray from the rules you die. Like Pandora, except less pretty and the blue people aren't spiritual their blood sucking demons.

The Neverborn - These are the blood sucking demons. Malifaux is their home, and the humans are pissing them off. So they kill humans.

The Arcanists - This is like the labor union of Malifaux, they have tentative peace with the guild, but they aren't friendly. The labor stuff is a front for an underground crime syndicate who works the black market.

Resurrectionists - Necromancers, they don't work with any law or group, they just want to increase their own powers with new magic items and make more zombies.

Outcasts - These are Mercs, they work for money and sometimes just to survive.

Overall the game looks like it could be a lot fun, I'll have to test it out some to get a better feel for it. I'll post again after i get a game under my belt.

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