Thursday, January 28, 2010

MKII Battle Reports

I have now played 4 games of MKII 2 with Mercs which i promptly Lost, thus proving that I hate Mercs a lot. And I'm 1-1 with my Cryx.

The first game was Me vs Ellen in Merc v Merc action. She took Shae and I took Ashlyn. On the top of turn 2, Shae popped feat, laid a torrent out on my Risen, which allows her guys to charge through them and ignore them. Walls gave the Sea Dogs boosted melee attack rolls, and Hawk Ran up next to Ashlynn. Then Walls called for No Quarter and 2 sea dogs made it into melee with Ashlynn, who was less than 1 inch outside my deployment zone. They swing at MAT 7 3D6, and then go for Damage at P+S 10 4d6 then POW 12 2D6. The two jerk offs easily dispatched Ashlynn before her second turn. That was the only model of mine that died that game. Just ridiculous. This is why I hate squishy casters.

Second Game we played because the first game was over too quick. It was Magnus vs Fiona. I started off by killing all off Boomhowlers guys and a few solo's, but couldn't deal with the 5 steelhead cav that she took. *Side Note* Steelhead Cav are great even without halberdiers to back them up. They eventually got solid impact hits on my infantry and charged through into my Renegades and took both of their rockets off. Unfortunate to say the least, I tried the assassination run and did ok, but wasn't able to kill her. last ditch was the Dwarf hobbling up as close as he could get to try and burn her down with his flame thrower. i lit her on fire, but it went out, had she stayed alight she would most likely have died. ARM 14 with 4 wounds remaining

But Screw Mercs! Im a cryx Player

First game was against Mike's E-Hailey List, I took Skarre with a butt load of infantry. Things went very well when he failed to kill any Satyxis raiders with his Cyclone. I Backlashed it, and sent the ladies in and hit all my attacks dropping Hailey to 2 or 3 life on those hits. My big mistake came when i tried to Sac Strike a member of the Black 13, i was planning on using MKI version of sac strike, and was quite unhappy to find I couldn't use it. So now Skarre was in a bad spot too close to the enemy for no reason. On his attack Mike wasn't able to clear out enough stuff fast enough to bring all his attacks to bear on skarre and she lived through his turn. We called it there since Hailey was in my face with 2 life and Skarre had 10 focus.

Second Game was E-Skarre vs E-Stryker. I originally made the list for the coven, but I can't seem to want to field them these days, they kinda suck. E-Skarre isn't much better. I did find an awesome combo in Black-Spot + Thresher, but as it dawned on my how strong it is, I had already wiped out what I could kill except 1 model who took 5 Black Spot attacks. I was able to hound striker with a Leviathan, (which is a fantastic Jack in MKII) I think I had him down to 4 life, but I was fighting a losing battle from the get go. My Revenant Died Quick, I forgot the AOE order from the Gun mages and that cost me my Satyxis. My Jacks were pretty damn good that game, but Eventually on Strikers Feat Turn a Stormclad was able to track Skarrer down and whack her with a POW 18, and since he feat requires her to take 5 damage to use, (Really Lame!) she was at half life when it hit her... game over.

I was close against Striker, Mike did manage to shoot off the harrowers gun early which may have saved him, I think i would have needed an 11 on damage to kill. One turn I had a shot at him, but missed needing a 7. The leviathan was funny he missed like all but 1 of his shots each turn, but then rolled really good damage on the shot that hit. He was a tough bum to get through. Regular Skarre is very different than she was, no longer just hold up and thwack someone with a boosted pow 20. Raiders and Backlash are really strong for her, and I think she can support a Heavy or 2 in most cases.


HuronBH said...

I know you are not going to the read this, but I'm going to try. Weapons are not destroyed in Mk2. When a Jack loses an arm system it is not destroyed. You just roll one few dice to hit like losing a branch in Hordes.

Keep that in mind.

wrabbit37 said...

"Destroyed" is an old term. We played it right. But he needed to roll a 10 on one die, so it wasn't going to hit Stryker. Boosting he had a chance, but still needed a 10 on two dice.