Thursday, January 7, 2010

F.S.A 2

So i played my first game of it last night and now i really want to play my second game.

Things I found fantastic. You can't squat and shoot. Your guns will be outmaneuvered and the rules literally say you must move every turn unless the turn before you declared you were stopping. This made for an interesting little game of turnabout between my Battleship and Mike's.

Combining fire, it allows weak ships to play with the big boys. It also gives you a good chance to one shot the little ships who are slightly too tough to take out in a single go. *unless your mike and crit every damn time you roll*

I actually really like how slow and cumbersome ships are. The larger guys can't even make a 180 in a single turn. It makes the fixed arc guns very tough to use.

Things i learned: Get outside of the fixed guns arc as fast as you can. If its fixed then it must be one hell of a gun and its not that hard to avoid it. Had i done this earlier our game may have had a very different outcome last night.

Shields are amazing. Several times i was able to turn a hit into a miss and a few times i was able to turn a crit into a regular hit. I really wish my cruisers had shields. I'm nervous about how powerful Terrains will be, their shields are very high and their turrets look like they will be a force to be reckoned with.

Torpedoes don't suffer penalties from hull damage. that may have changed the out come of our game, i was shorting myself my torpedoes for several turns because i didn't think they could shoot.

So the next step is building a fleet. We just used the starter box fleets so we had no wings. I'm interested to build in Carriers and Fighter Groups. Tomorrow we will try a bigger game i think.

More Later... most likely next week

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