Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Firestorm Armada

Dan is psyched. So psyched he's using 3rd person.

But enough of that. I never got a chance to play BFG and I was always interested int he concept of Space Battles. Firestorm looks like it will give me my chance. If i end up taking a liking to this game then the Tyranids will be shelved for a while, as i explore this game.

Brief Story bit: The Drindrenzi invaded the storm zone attacking the Sorylians, Aqueans, and Terrans. Reeling from the invasion they were forces to work together and formed the Kurak Alliance. The Drindrenzi are winning the war, but the allied forces have resisted enough that the Drindrenzi are calling in their own allies. The Directorate, a militant race of humans and the Relthoza and strange spider like alien race.

Factions Below

Terrans - Humans, the main good guy force in the game. They developed Shields which they shared with their allies. The villainy style guys have reinforced hulls while the good guys have shields. They have excellent range torpedoes and their battleships have turrets which can broadside in any direction. The Terrans greatest advantage seems to be their superior shields.

Aqueans - A fish people, I like to think they are led by Admiral Akbar. This fleet is the best at using mines, has decent shields, and all their guns appear to be on turrest giving them great broadside ability. They are very good at getting into the enemies formations and wreaking havoc there.

Sorylians - Not sure what they are, someone mentioned Lizards, some else said they are like Cardassians. What ever, they are fast and numerous. The carriers bring a lot of fighters to the party. They are also they strongest at boarding actions. No one is sure if this can be a victory condition, but they are good at it. the Sorylians work in large groups using concentrated fire power to take down their opponents ships. The Sorylian Carriers are apparently the most feared in the System.

Relthoza - The Spider People. They have decent hull defense, but no shields. they make up for this with cloaking devices. They are good at most types of fighting without being the best at any one. Strong Boarding, good with torpedoes, guns are fixed. They are also very strong with Mine usage. Cloaking is their key

Directorate - I think these are the 3rd humans. Quick note their ships look very enterprisey and that is cool in my book. The big thing these guys do is fire torpedoes at point blank. So their goal is to get in the fight and while your opponent is throwing his piddly guns at you blast him back with full power torpedoes. They love to be in the thick of the fight a lot like the aqueans. Their downside is they don't make use of mines or fighters. its all about the big boys. and their defense is not as strong as the Drindrenzi.

Drindrenzi - The humans who started the fight. They have the Rail gun, as far as i can tell its the end all primary weapon. They have the toughest ships and are very good at forward firing attacks. their vulnerability is normally broadsides, but they have strong mine use to protect themselves.

Mike has ordered the book and we will be giving it a whirl this weekend, if things go well we may make an order, so far it looks pretty cheap, for the rules, and a full fleet im looking at $70, which is actually in line with what Ellen and I wanted to spend on post Christmas gaming stuff. Brian seems to be interested too which is great, he likes the Aqueans, Mike likes the Drindrenzi and I like the Sorylians.

More will come Friday when i get the test the game.

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