Thursday, January 21, 2010

Firestorm Battle Report

Before I begin I would like to say my ships came in the mail earlier this week and I have them primed and fully assembled.

So Mike in his quest to find a faction that fits his play style tried the Aqueans last night. We played our starter fleets plus a carrier and a dozen fighters. Our fleets are both poor at long range combat so our initial steps were moving into position. He struck first dropping a Frigate. We continued to maneuver for a while or so until about turn 3 when my cruisers made their way out from behind an Asteroid field and opened fire. I crit one of mikes cruisers, rolled 1,1 and it went nuclear. critting his other ship causing a raging fire, and damaging his last cruiser. Our battle ships traded blows, but we were both holding repair cards and brought them back up almost to full life. But on the following turn his battle ship wedged itself into my fleet, and unleased a massive amount of firepower that was totally ineffective. his dice had failed him on this exchange. My battle ship spun into place shot its full payload and I crit his battle ship once again rolling 1,1. At this point the game turned into clean up. I started to hound his ships as they maneuvered around the board. In the End his last squad of Frigates and his carrier tried to flee the field, but Mercy was not mine to grant. My only failing on the day a lone fighter made it off the board before I could send a dozen of my own fighters to burn his ass down.

Bit time win for Sorylians, which is nice since the last two games where I had any advantage it was wiped out by my opponent rolling 1,1 or 6,6 on my battle ship. My only problem with the game at this point is that there is a 1/18 chance you lose your battleship on the first shot. And for some reason we like rolling 1,1 in my play group. I think next game we will experiment with a modified version of the crit table. Also the cards do basically nothing to prevent the 1,1 crit.


HuronBH said...

Sounds interesting, when did you guys have time to play last night? I thought it was Warhammer at Thel's yesterday evening.

I'd be interested in seeing your ships up close, bring them tomorrow night if you would.

Dan said...

Mike and I got off work early and played before heading over to Thels.