Monday, January 11, 2010

Even More of F.S.A

After my second game played and watching a few more I have a few gripes with the game. The Critical table has a lot of flaws in it. The most devastating is the chance to one shot any ship. In a game where were first testing out the merits of terrain I had a very favorable set up and was picking my opponents fleet apart. Most of the frigates were down the Battle ship was wounded, and I had started to wound his cruisers. On his first move of turn 3 or 4 he full combine fired into my battleship. He proceeded to roll very well to get his hit into a crit and then he rolled a pair of 6's on the damage table. This caused the warp drive to buckle and annihilate my unhurt battle ship. Then i looked at the board and realized that despite how well i was doing and how sound my tactics were that i was going to lose. He could keep his battleship hidden in terrain and force me to desperately try to hurt it as he crushed through my ships. It happened again in a Game was watching the next day. Terains were crushing the Dindrenzi when in a desperation shot they hit and crit the Terrain battle ship, and rolled double one's causing the ship go nuclear. The worse part is that the Dindrenzi had done that same crit earlier in the game to a cruiser, the damage of its blast killed off a Frigate and another already damaged cruiser. So every crit brings with it a 1/18 chance of destroying the ship it hits outright. That is a little too high for likings. There is also the far to comon chance that you can damage your opponents main weapons and he has only a 33% chance to restore them a turn. Its not so bad on certain ships but when your main weapons are your forward guns or your turrets, it seriously hampers your chance to damage your enemy.

Apparently there a cards in the deck which we haven't gotten yet, that allow you to cancel a critical hit. If that is the case then i can see the Crits not being so broken.

Overal still really enjoying the game. The dindrenzi have lost their magic in mike's eyes, though he likes the phallus shaped ships, they can only fire in a fixed front arc, much like their phallic brethren. He tried the Relthoza but the cloaking device doesn't seem to strong, especially with 6's being so powerful in the game. Next we will try Aqueans vs Sorylians to see who is the best at range 2 combat. I'll need a little luck against their powerhouse weapons.

Almost forgot, Boarding actions are pretty damn cool. In one boarding action Eric almost wiped out the whole crew of Brian's battleship, I think i'll need to start trying that if i'm to have any chance of beating the Aquans.

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