Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Malifaux Battle Report

In my most recent game against ryan, we both tried to play something outside the battle-box level for the first time. I actually took the time and effort to create a list, he did to a lesser extent.

List of the Good Guys
Seamus, Sybille, 2x Rotten bells, 2x Necro-Punks, 1 Convict Gunslinger, 6 Soul Stones

List of the Jerk Bags.. Err Guild
Lady Justice, 3x Death Marshals, The Judge, Scales of Justice, The Executioner, 6 Soul Stones

So we drew our random strategies, I got Assassinate and he got Treasure Hunt.

I started with my standard tactice for Seamus, pull on guy way out of position and shoot him in the face until he's really really dead. But I was out of range with Seamus and couldn't shoot him. We traded blows for the most part I killed a marshal he killed a bell. I shot the Judge full bore with the Convict and did horrible damage, even when I hit with the red joker he flipped a King to keep my damage small. His third turn is when things went really south for me. Lady Justice popped her all undead take 3 damage, dropping both punks to 1 wound. The executioner killed the Convict Gun Slinger, a Marshal and the judge finished off the Punks, and he killed my last bell. My respite came when Seamus and Sybelle killed the Executioner. Seamus also raised a corpse counter into a new bell. So it was Lady J at full, a Marshal at 4 wounds, and the Judge at 1. vs Sybelle at 4(soon to be 5) Seamus at full and a Bell at Full. Lady J charged into Seamus and we went to town on each other! Using every soul stone we had we went back and forth until in the End Seamus had 1 wound, thanks to Hard to Kill, and Lady J had 2. we each had 0 Soul Stoned. The last Marshal walked over to Seamus and took a swipe at him killing the big guy off. I swing full bore at Justice with my last bell and Sybelle but to no avail. On the Final turn with the last 4 models on the table in the center engaged in a huge melee he won Initiative and Justice went to work. She hacked the first bell in half in two swings but was stuck down by the Parasol as the Slow to Die hooker stayed around for one last swing. Sybelle then whipped the poor Marshal into the ground with her riding Crop and stood supreme.

It was a very hard fought game, Lady Justice is a pain in the ass when playing Undead. Seamus I think has enough tricks up his sleeve that he can stay around and hang with her for the most part. My biggest error this game was moving Seamus up too far too early. It locked him into Melee with the Judge very quickly and kept his .50 Flintlock out of the game. I did force Ryan to Discard 2 soul stone with a throat slit to lady J, that was pretty cool.

tonight my models arrive, So i will have to chose between assembly and priming them or playing NBA 2k10, which is frustrating me, but in a way that I feel like I have to keep playing so i can win. especially since my team is amazing.


HuronBH said...

How many ss was this game? 30?

I am guessing this is the one I walked in on the end of at the GPC?

Dan said...

yeah it was 30 ss. I totally forgot to add in my grave spirit, i should have 1 less stone in my cache. And yeah, thats the right game.