Friday, June 18, 2010

Call of Duty 3

I'm 4 years behind the times on this one I know. But I did just beat it so deal with it.

Cod3 is a pretty sweet game. You get to shoot Nazi's, see French people die, and be Polish. What more could anyone want right? All in all it was a solid game. Im playing them in basically reverse order as I beat World and War first then cod3. I really like the WW2 setting, and the history lessons that goes with the game. this game took place right as the Allies started to make their push into France after D-Day. You start in a small town outside the Beaches of Normandy and then alternate between Americans pushing the Germans back from the south. An englishmen who parachuted in behind enemy lines to disrupt supplies, A Polish tanker, and a Canadien Machine Gunner. The other three nations represent the northern push against the nazis. Both forces pushed the Germans back to the French town of Chambois. Where the Americans eventually drove them out, and the allied forces made a straight push back to Paris eventually kicking the Germans out of France. But the game ends at Chambois. A lot of fun, but like world at war it was too short.

So After I finished cod3 yesterday I was trying to decide what to do. so I grabbed cod3, assassins creed 2, and my verizon rebate card and hit up Game Stop. I grabbed Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2. And Damn... I have played into the third level so far and I am just floored by how amazing that game is. I had heard that the even numbered games were better and Im getting and Idea why. Im really looking forward to playing through this one.

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C Trudden said...

The story was pretty cool on modern warfare 2. I enjoyed playing it. Right now Im waiting for tuesday when i get Transformers, War for Cybertron. Which is essentially COD with transformers. If you ever want to play cod online hit me up. My callsign is truddenator. havent played in a while, but I would be up for it.