Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FSA is back!

Well its not really back because it never went anywhere, but Mike and I dusted off the ships and got in our first game since the Campaign went caput. We planned it thursday or wednesday or sometime. But on Friday I got off work and hit the Fabric store. For the modest price of $14 I got a 6x4 Black Mat and several sheets of Colored Felt. I used Gray felt to make Asteroids. Blue for Planets, yellow for Suns, and Purple for Nebulas. Mike augmented my felt bits with his expensive terrain and we chose a mission. It works like this. Divide your force into 5 groups. Place a secret marker next to each one. Deploy Terrain. each player then puts one random marker anywhere on the board. You must be I think 20inches from your opponents marker. Then each turn you get place 1 random marker on a random board edge. At the start of the turn you roll a Die to try and bring on that section of your fleet. I got the early advantage when I deployed 4 cruisers to his 3 Frigates. The next turn I got on My battleship, while his token didn't show up, Next turn I got 8 Frigates, his battle ship rolled in, and his 3rd marker stayed off. This is when things got ugly. My Cruisers spent the early parts of the game harassing his Firgates until they were destroyed. I turned my Battle ship and Frigates on his Ship and laced into it with full force. I even managed to take out its Primary weapons. While we was waiting to get more ships into the fight I had taken his Battleship down by half its hull.

A couple turns later we both managed to get out fleets on and the battle began, but by that point I had finished off his battleship and fully healed Mine. Our cruisers went toe to toe, and as expected the Sorylians took the advantage, it helped when I took out a full Cruiser and a cruiser at 2 life with 1 round of shooting. But not to be outdone Mike's Frigates when on the warpath. They were one-shoting Sorylian frigates left and right cutting holes into my squads. But attrition was on my side as my fleet outnumbered his. Our last Frigates blasted eachother into oblivion and Mike looked at the board. I had 2 squards of 2 Cruisers and My battleship relatively unscathed. Against 1 Cruiser with 3 damage and Mike's Final battleship with 5-6 damage. So we called it there.

Despite his poor luck early Mike was able to rally his troops and put up a damn good fight. A few lucky rolls the other way and he easily could have turned the tide. I would like at attribute my victory to my brand new Frosty Blue dice. They were on this weekend, and I can only hope they stay that way in the future.

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