Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dragon Age Awakenings *Spoilers*

I beat this a week ago-ish with my Warrior, Maddox. By the final fight I had hit max level at 30 and was a beast. Darkspawn would fall upon my shield and massive armor and hit me for barely any damage. I was crushing them with my kick ass sword, and my team was decent at backing me up.

But enough about how awesome I am, lets get into the awesome parts of the game. It sets up a little slowly, but once your into the main story line the plot thickens quick. An army of Darkspawn attack the city of Amerantine to the north of the Gray Keep. I roll up there all ready to bust in some darkspawn heads when I find out the city is already overrun and another army is making its way to the Gray Keep. So I have to decide if I want to burn Amaranthine down and go save my Keep or stay here, root out the Darkspawn and let my keep be over-run. Being the saint that I am I tell them to fire burning Ballista and Catapults into the City. Then i got to watch a movie sequence of humans and darkspawn being pulverized and burned alive... it was pretty shitty. Gut check moment 2 comes after savine the Keep you decide that instead of taking your whole crew of bad ass warriors to go kill the "Mother" or as I call her that crazy slug chick with 8 boobs, you decide to take 4 people in. You meet with another Dark Spawn who calls himself the Architecht, its not our first meeting, but this time he wants to talk. He says if we team up and I leave him alive he can make sure the Darkspawn never start a blight against the surface again. I reluctantly agree which pissess off my dwarven rogue who then attacks me... ME, I was a little bumed but at the same time who the F*** does she think she is attacking me. I cut the little ho down and move on. Eventually I kill the Mother and tell the Architect I hate him, but he runs off before I can kill him too. Apparently I missed my opportunity. So I head home job done.

The game then gives the what happens after you rocked the party that rocks the party description. The Dwarves re-take an old city that is full of something, I wasn't paying attention, but I was the reason they grew a pair and took it back. My city was fortified to be the best Keep in the world. The standing army was mostly Gray Wardens except for an elite unit of dudes who had special armor that I commisioned for them. They became known as the Silver Guard. Most of my party members disapeared with out a trace for some reason or another. Except the dumbass who I killed, she was left to rot. I made the Howe kid a noble again, he even helping rebuild Amaranthine. Oghren who never should have been in the damn game stayed a Gray Warden and drank a lot, im not kidding that was his story. Apparnetly the other Gray wardens got all pissed at me for making a deal with a Dark Spawn, but jokes on them, the Architech was on the up and up and there won't be a blight every again, so Maddox(me)decided to shoot everyone the bird and go travel around with Lelianna the bard from Origins who I had a relationship with. All in all the game was pretty kick ass.

Im working on beating Origins now with Imrik my elven ranger/rogue, so I can make some new choices and see where the game goes. Also I can't wait for the next Dragon Age game, which won't come out until 2011.

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