Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Awesome Battle Report!

So I made my way out to the Parlor yesterday looking for a game or 2 of Malifaux. I got there at 4:30 and had to wait a little while until someone showed up. Maybe it was an off week, but the Tuesday crowd wasn't there. I ended up facing off against a guy named Shawn who was using Sonnia Criid.


Good Guys!
Rasputina +5 Soul Stones
2x Hoar Cat Prides
Essence of Power
Ice Gamin
Sabertooth Cerberus

Bad Guys
Sonnia Criid - 4 Stones
Governor's Proxy
2x Withling Stalkers

We both draw Assassinate, which I know will be an uphill battle against Criid, since she is a tough cookie for a caster to kill. He moves Criid and the Proxy down my left flank. The Executioner goes right and the stalkers and Sam go down the middle. I throw Ice pillars in Criid's face to try to keep her spells out of the fight. I realize at this point Criid is too far from Sam and the stalkers to stop my magic. Im holding one hell of a fate hand here so I move my Ice Gamin up to Ice Mirror into his clump of guys. He ends up blowing the poor little Golem away with a double crit gun shot from a stalker. But not to be deterred from my awesome plan, I send up a Hoarcat into the Gamin's place. He shoots again, but I cheat my defense up to prevent the cat from Dying. Rasputina, not wanting to take anymore chances moves up right behind the cats to give them Frozen Heart. She arcs Decembers Curse into the lead Stalker and I decide to cheat in the Red Joker and a soul stone just to be sure he won't block me. The damage is pretty savage. Both Stalkers are almost dead and Sam is just around half hit points. Since the red jocker allowed me to trigger Over-Power I hit them again, this time with a Soul Stone and the 13 of Masks. Same deal, I did massive damage, killing both stalkers who then blew up and finished off Sam. So with 3 of his models down turn 2 I figured the game was in the bag.

My cats all went in and started to take bites out of the Executioner and Criid. I killed off the Executioner, but he got his slow to die swing first. He hit with like a 12 and was getting a double crit off it. I was pretty bummed because he was going to kill my poor kitty and heal back to full, that is until he flipped the Black Joker for damage. My Cat ate his remains and healed back to full. Criid then killed off that cat even going so far as to turn it into a witchling stalker. My next cat came up and promptly ate the brand new stalker. The big cat and the little one both charged in and started going to work on Criid. But were basically attacking into a her Soulstone Cache, and not hurting her enough. She threw up Inferno which does 3 damage to anything in 3 inches at the turns end, killing my Sabertooth. With my last Hoarcat in combat the game might come down to Initative. I still had the Schemes in my favor, and with ice wall I was sure I could keep Raspy standing for 2 more turns, but this was easier. I flipped a 4 and he flipped a 7. Feeling ballsy I spent a soul stone to re-flip my Init, getting a 12. With that my final hoar cat proceeded to shred Criid to Ribons.

It was a much closer game then I thought it would be, but basically I got 1 spell off with Raspy and then she was useless because he kept everything in Criid's protection bubble. Still a win is a win, and I'll take it.

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