Thursday, July 29, 2010

Preping for Gen Con

I won't be playing in any tournaments while I'm there, but I do plan to be picking up some new Malifaux stuff and with that in mind Im trying to finish out everything I can painting wise before I add a brand new crew to my set. So yesterday I picked up Bete Noir from GPC and she went straight from the box to the painting table.

She took a very long time so i threw in a commision model to work on while I waited for her to ink to dry and what not. This is Rockett's Spirit of Flame, the Totem for Sonnia Criid.

I will be hitting the painting pretty hard over the next couple days. Only 8 Ressers, 2 Arcanists, 1 guildy, and 4 outcasts left in my malifaux que. With some perseverence and a bit of free time I hope to knock most of it out.

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HuronBH said...

Well I know not to head over to GPC looking for Bette Noir for a while now. Good Luck getting everything done.

Once Mike's wedding is over (August and September both suck for free time for me) we need to get a Malifaux League up and running. My Outcasts are all assembled with some paint on everything from the Victorias box (Johan and Taelor are done) and I will be starting on assembly and painting of my Ressurs soon.

Oh an construction of that mine board I was talking about making has begun as well.