Thursday, June 3, 2010

I paint a lot I guess

Finished Ryan's First 2 models. I chose to start with Nino and the Executioner, since they are his auto-includes in every list.


Nino has such an odd pose, that it was hard to take a picture of him at a decent angle. He is basic browns and reds, which i think fits the guild well. His pants are a bluish gray and he has a white shirt. My favorite part was painting his very fine hat.

The Executioner

Gave him red pants to keep the army theme color in. This isn't actually the final product. His skin ended up too dark after the wash so i went back over it with a light flesh tone highlight to bring it back up. He looks even better now.

And lastly I found my missing Spider leg and assembled my Brass Arachnid. Since the Spiders are easy to paint I went ahead and got him out of the way. My Ramos' crew is very close to fully painted now.

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