Thursday, November 4, 2010

FSA Painting

So a while back I painted up some Aquan ships for Brian's Birthday. Jay bought him a few more ships, but then Brian decided to became a loser and stopped playing, so I never painted up those last ships. Last night I got the itch to finish off the last few ships, maybe in the hopes that it will re-vitalize Brian's desire to play FSA. Here are the 6 Escorts and the Carrier

Also since I love myself and all things I do I painted up a Gunship for my Sorylians. These guys are amazingly badass, so I really want them table ready asap, especially since Warstore has shipped my heavy Cruisers already and I think they will be in before the weeks ends.

*Super Special Edit!* As of 11pm last night my Heavy Cruisers are in Virginia!

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wrabbit37 said...

Those Gunships are just beast! I laminated my cards for FSA so I have one sheet with my Escorts, Heavy Cruisers and Gunships now too. Can't wait to get mine all painted up with the Heavy Cruisers, and I'm interested to see how your Heavies compare. Are they really worth that much more compared with your Crusiers? Your Cruisers are pretty tight.