Monday, November 8, 2010

Malifaux Tournament on 11-6

Mr. Anderson took the time and effort to put together a Malifaux tournament for Huzzah hobbies, and decided to use Wyrd's newest official tournament rules. Basics are as follows. 1 hour games, 4 strategies, 5 schemes, VPS determine standings and pairings. Bill also added in a players choice painting contest.

My Tournament:
So a staple of the Wyrd tournament if that you only need to declare a faction going into a tournament. You are allowed to switch out your entire list each game. I was feeling a strange mixture of lazy and Cocky and chose that I would play Kirai every game.

So here is my list
Kirai, 4 Seishin, Datsue-Ba, 3 Gaki, 1 Onryo - 4 Soul Stones

Game 1 vs Dixon (Leviticus)
He took a list I had never seen with Levi before, 2 belles, 3 spiders, levi, and Alyce. I had a mission where I had to have my guys on his side of the board and he had to kill my people. My schemes were Bodyguard, and get a model in his deployment zone. His were Bodyguard and Assasinate. I basically played a slow moving sacrifice game. I would keep him on his side of the board by summoning and dropping models on his side. he would spend most of his turn tyring to kill my new guys and I would keep him back on his side. The game was running out of time so I super summoned Ikiryo into his deployment zone, but Forgot to move Kirai across the half way point of the Board. So I ended up costing myself 4 vps. and I lost 6-5.

Game 2 vs Chris (Pandora)
Chris only owns Pandora so he was playing a single list too. He got Kill my master and I got the same get my guys accross the board mission I had the last game. He deployed first and was in a single corner. I deployed in the opposite corner. I had one goal, just haul it accorss the board and hope I live. I called Body Guard and Breakthrough again, he called Bodyguard and kept 1 hidden. We played a few turns and then Time was called. I kept Kirai away from Pandoa to prevent him from killing her. And sent a few gaki and the Ikiryo over into his lines to slow him down. It ended up working and I won the game 8-3.

Game 3 vs Rockett (Sonnia Criid)
Ryan got Kill my master and I got a strange mission called get the stuff. You place 50mm bases around the board, but placement is REALLY limited, and I have to take (1) action to get the stuff, then I flip and see how much stuff I get. Kirai can be a very fast crew, so I called Hold Out and Body Guard, he called the same. Our game never really got under way. Turn 2 I had already collected all the Stuff I needed for 4 vps. and part way through turn 3 time was called. So Ryan and I never really engaged in our game, and I basically had no chance of losing much that game. I won 8-4.

Game 4 vs John (Rasputina)
He got slaughter, I got get the stuff again. We both called bodyguard and Hold out. Again I had the Stuff I needed for max vps on Turn 2. So I spent the next part of the game trying to break his Holdout. He ended up preventing it and Time was called again before the game really got under way. Strangely we both got max VP's 8-8

Datsue-Ba was my MVP of the day. She made several new Gaki for me and only died once. She was a major thorn in the side of all my opponents. So big props to the old gal.

So the Top three shook out like this
Dan the amazing - 29
Rockett - 28
John - 26

So I took home the gold, or in this case the gift certificate along with a cool piece of terrain, and I ended up winning the Players choice painting award. All in all it was a damn fine day for Kirai and Me.

Ok, so Bill wanted feedback on the Tournament format, as I believe it is still in Beta. So here are my likes and dislikes.

Likes - VPs for standings. I like this over the 3-win, 1-tie, 0-loss because in the last game John and i each took max points. Had that given us a tie I would be pretty upset. It also means there is always a chance to come back because if the top player losses big, it puts everyone else right back in the runnings.

The Bye system. In this format you take the average vp's won by every player in the round and that is what the Bye player ends up with. It ensures that the player with the Bye isn't screwed out of a chance to win the tourney. Most times the buy player got 5-6 points. Which is a respectable game.

Bill's painting contest. I do not think Painting should decide who wins a tournament. That said I spent a crap load of time painting my models and I was very glad to get some recognition for it. I really liked painting contest as a bonus to the Tournament.

Now the unfortunate side of things. My Dislikes.

1 Hour games. A normal Malifaux game is 6 turns. I got to turn 4 once this weekend. It gave me a serious edge because Kiria is the queen of snagging objectives at the last moment, and VERY tough to kill quickly. This game NEEDS 1.5 hour rounds.

No defined number of rounds. For 8 or less people a tournament should be 3 rounds. Bill said this wasn't well defined. But I think the Ideal tournament would have had 3 1.5 hour rounds.

5 Schemes aren't enough. I only called 3 of them all day, and I used 1 of them in all 4 games. A little more variety would help I think.

Bonus points for preventing called Schemes. Im pretty sure outside of the time limit this is the one that bothers me most. You are already at a disadvantage for Announcing your scheme to your opponent, and now he gets an additional an advantage for stopping it. Rockett got 5 bonus vps for preventing his opponents Schemes. Its pretty lame in my eyes. I could have been a dick and prevented several of my opponents Schemes through out the day, but I decided against it.

Get the Stuff, this mission is butt easy. I never in either game felt I would not get 4 points with it. Its way too easy and doesn't require interaction.


wrabbit37 said...

'Grats on the tourney win, Dan. I agree with you about the gaining a point for stopping your opponents' goals being a bad thing. It makes the game suddenly much more reliant on your opponent doing something for you to have an opportunity to get points. If I face someone who announces both his missions and you face someone who doesn't, I have the opportunity to score two more VPs than you do. That doesn't seem quite right to me.

HuronBH said...

I will agree with you on the Bonus points for stopping schemes and the Get the Stuff mission. So many better options for tournament missions that are less random and silly.

I personally didn't like the Bye system and would have rather had Bill jump in as a ringer. Lets everyone play every round.

Dan said...

I'll agree with you on the Ringer idea, and I think in the future that will be our move, but in bigger Gen Con style tournaments, the Bye might be necessary, and it keeps the Bye player in the running.