Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Lament of a Redskins Fan

So this has been on my mind for a long time and I would say our recent trouncing at the hands of the eagles made me want to get it off my chest. The Redskins are the most frustrating franchise in the NFL. Now that doesn't mean we have the worst team, and its argueable that Dalls is more frustrating to their fans this year, but over the last decade there is no doubt that the Redskins take this mantle. Lets look deeper.

The NFL is divided into 4 sections. Elite, Good, Mediocre, Awful.
Elite: Indianapolis, New England, Pittsburgh - (Playoff Lock, super-bowl contender)
Good: Tennessee, San Diego, Seattle, NYG - (Likely Playoff Teams, outside superbowl)
Mediocre: Washington, Miami, Chicago, Tampa - (Maybe playoffs, likely wildcard exit)
Awful: Buffalo, Carolina, Detroit - (No playoff hope, maybe building towards future)

You see when you look at Detroit you know they will suck this year. They admit they are rebuilding and are a year or two outside of honestly competeing. But you look at all the young talent they have, Suh, Stafford, Johnson, Best, and you see that they are building to maybe compete in the future. You look at the Steelers, Colt, and Patriots, they expect to be the best every year. They build from within, and keep the talent coming, they don't rest because they have the best at a position, they try to create depth, and youth.

But Washington is very different. every year we expect to be good. And every year we are mediocre. If that weren't bad enough we compete in the toughest division if football. Every year its a crap-shoot which team will win the NFC East. Because there are 3 solid contenders... Washington hasn't won a division title since 1999 when the rest of the division was in tatters. But every year is a new hot Thing! Bruce Smith, Deon Sanders, Albert Haynesworth, Donovan McNabb and all of a sudden expectations soar. And thats the problem. We once again expect to be good. I would be much happier with advanced knowledge that we suck, so long as I saw something solid being set up for the future. Maybe our O-line will start to get some youthful energy. A new center and guard could really help liven things up... but wait we don't have a 3rd or 4th round pick. The likely spot that quality interior o-linemen are drafted.

So finally I asked myself a pretty tough question. "Why am I a Redskins fan?" Its a legitimate question, ask yourself. The best reasons I could come up with aren't really valid.

1. "They give something back to me" - ulcers and rage don't really count
2. "They are winners!" - HA!
3. "They are my home team." - Ok thats valid, but why should I be married to a football team simply because of my geographical location.
4. "The ownership cares about the city" - suing ticket holders... really?
5. "They are building toward a strong future" - Oldest roster in the NFL is... well you know.
6. "Im already emotionally invested in them." And I think thats the big one. It would not be easy for me to break up with the redskins. Sure they are basically the wife-beater of the NFL and I'm the battered woman who tells the police I walked into the door or I deserved to get hit because I didn't listen. I mean lets face it I know more about the team then any person rightfully should, I fully believe they can beat any team in the NFL on any given sunday, and I can't help geek out at any mention of them, just last night I drove by redskins park and I was tempted to drive up and see if they were hiring.

I guess its all moot anyways, If I tried to leave them they would sue me anyways. Plus I can live vicariously through secondary franchises, like the Falcons and Colts who are my other favorite teams. Aww I can't stay mad at you... come here.

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