Friday, November 26, 2010

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report

I played a game Wednesday night. I hadn't planned on being free, but Ellen was very sick and could barely even stay awake, so eventually I left her to sleep it off, grabbed my ogres and hit the GW store.

There was a guy looking for a game and he had 1500 points of dwarves. I pulled out my 2k list, made some cuts and had a nice 1500 list to play with.

His List looked something like
Lord with runes
Thane with Runes
BSB with Runes
20 Long Beards
20 Hammeres with runed banner
10 Gunners
15 Miners
1 Cannon
1 Catapult

My List was
Bruiser with Items
5 Ogers
5 Ogers
4 Iron Guts
2 lead Belchers
2 lead Belchers
3 Maneatters

Set up & Turn 1
So I felt like I had a nice advantage. We were playing a mission called mountain pass. You play long ways. Get a 24in deployment zone, and the long edges are impassible terrain. He set his gunmen up on a far flank so I was able to avoid them most of the game. He started moving up very agressively so I moved to match him. He didn't get very good shooting off turn 1. Only managing a few wounds.

Turn 2
I moved my Leadbelchers up and charged my unit of Bulls with bruiser and Maneaters into his long beards, who were joined by the BSB and Runesmith. In the shooting phase I killed a few hammeres, My magic phase was basically ignored since he had a decked out runesmith. On to combat. I wiped the floor with his longbeards, I won by 9, mostly due to the casualties I caused, he fled and I ran down the unit. But the real gem of it was His Hammers Fled from Panic, it was priceless. He was in deep trouble as turn 2 ended.

Turn 3
His Hammeres rallied and stood tall and his warmachines were kicking my butt. I moved as quick as I could to take out the stone thrower, but as I was closing in the Miners popped up and got in my way. They tried to Charge my Maneaters, but failed. His cannon fired off and killed 2 Ogre Bulls, leaving my Bruiser without a Unit. His Gunners dropped a Maneater. I moved a Lead belcher to block the Hammerers from charging my Bull Unit. I shot in with the other belchers and managed to kill a few. In my Magic Phase the Butcher Killed himself with Gut Magic.

Turn 4
So I charged the Miners and failed to wipe them all out with the Bruiser and Maneaters. His Hammerers had their best charge lane blocked by a single leadbelcher, so he charged his lord out of that unit alone and over ran into the middle of my Army. He shooting was hilarious that turn, he failed to wound with ST 10 like 3 times, it was priceless.

Turn 5
I charged his Lord with my Ironguts, and stood ready to shoot more with my last 2 Leadbelchers. His shooting was laughablly bad again, and I was able to Wipe out the Miners and Cause his Lord to run from Combat with my Ironguts. I ran down the Lord and ended up killing 3 more Hammeres from shooting. It was a very good turn for me.

Turn 6
The Hammerers charged and killed the Leadbelchers. I countered with a charge from my last Bull unti and rolled out my butt. On 9 attacks I killed 7. His unit Broke and was run down. He hit my Bruiser with a Cannonball to the chest, but only did 2 wounds. My Bruiser responded by charging into his Catapult and wiping out the Crew.

We ended up playing another turn since he didn't think it was turn 6, but It didn't matter, the Cannon ball killed 1 Irongut, and the gunners were out of range.

So I ended up with a Very strong Victory. My Maneaters lived, I captured 3 banners, Killed his General, and only left him with 140 points of the 1500 he started the game with.

I was thinking about it on my trip home last night. I have played 5 games of Fantasy since 8th Came out. Here is my break down

Vs Dwarves 2-0-0
Vs High Elves 1-0-0
Vs Dark Elves 1-0-0
Vs Skaven 0-0-1

4 Wins & 1 Draw in my first 5 games. *pats self on the back*

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