Monday, August 29, 2011

NOVA Open Notes

Im back unscathed by the "Hurricane" I heard it may have only been a tropical storm, but anyway you cut it, on Saturday it was raining a lot... and sideways. This past weekend was the Nova Open and Bill from Dead Tau did an amazing job of keeping the whole thing running smoothly. I played near a dozen games so Im just gonna hit some highlights from the weekend.

30 Stone Gaining Ground Tournament
I did ok in this event. I started with a loss which is always hard to come back from. I lost to Tim, one of the local Huzzah guys, who played a great game with his Lilith Crew (Game highlight was when McMourning's Chihuahua killed Lillith with a Red Joker Dissection). Rounds 2&3 I faced Guild, and Brought Kirai. She was a mean bitch and took both Lady J and Hoffman to school. I won those games with out breaking a sweat 8-2. That catapulted me back into the runnings and I got to face WyrdZee the developer himself for 3rd place. Through some craziness we could have ended up playing for pretty much anywhere from 4th-2nd. But in all likelyhood the winner of our game would be 3rd. And damn did we bring it. We fought through a game where at the end the only survivor was an ice gamin who was standing on near the Claim Jump, giving him a 6-4 win. Very close game, and I nearly pulled it out. That loss saw me plummet from my spot in the top 5 all the way down to 10th.

Mike from White Rabbit won the whole thing and claimed my awesomely painted Von Schill crew. Which I picked up off him since he already had it and I kind of really wanted it.

I ended up heading home after Dinner and didn't play any more games. Saturday I got there bright and early and due to a conversation I had with Mike on our Drive in I bought myslef a Collodi Box Set to go with my Levi Crew. I was planning to grab the Vicks to go with the Schill crew, and wanted some more Outcast options.

No less then 10 minutes later I went down to the Floor to see what was going on for Malifaux. Bill announced the Achievment winner from the day before. I had taken top in faction for the Resserectionits and won... a Collodi Box set! no joke. I laughed it off a bit, but was annoyed with myself for impatience. I ended up trading the box set to Tim who bought me a Vicki box set as trade. Worked well for me.

I played 3 games with my Vicks and Schill, but didn't win any. I had a tremendously close game vs Mike's Dreamer where Chompy and Both Vicks died turn 2. I lost that one 6-4, had Von Schill made his terrifying check vs Chompy bits, I may have been able to pull out a win. Alas he did not, and then we had a very odd game from there. It was a good time though.

I also got in a rematch with Zee. I took Seamus with the Avatar attached vs Sonia Criid. I was able to get a small touch of revenge as Seamus and the Dead Rider pounded his crew into a fine pulp giving me a 7-2 win.

After near a dozen games, a long walk in the pouring rain, and the threat of a hurricane looming over us all day, Mike and I decided to call it a night and headed home. Nova Open was a complete blast though. Im looking forward to some games with my Outcast stuff. Some Levi and Collodi and a few Vicki games should be fun.


The Dark Templar said...

Sounds like a fantastic tournament – been reading Mike's narrative too.

So basically you painted up a Von Schill box set for Bill to give away as a prize and ended up getting it back?! That is brilliant.

Dan said...

It was the goal all along. After I finished painting it I wanted to keep it. So I was hoping I would either win it, or it would go to someone who would sell it to me.