Monday, August 15, 2011

A-Seamus Tactics

I know I just posted this pic, but what can I say I really like this model

Im not an expert with the big guy yet, but I played 2 games with him over the past weekend where he died pretty quick, and I learned a few things about what not to do.

Both A&R Seamus can be killed. It may sound odd, but when you look at the Seamus' they are both VERY tough, but unlike a the Neverborn masters who don't have nearly his toughness, he has no tricks to stay alive. Once an enemy starts pounding on Seamus all his nice toughness tricks fly out the window. So step 1 is protect him. When you plan to Manifest, here are your top 3 ways to keep him alive.

#1 Keep him out of melee pre manifest. Its tough since his crappy manifest requirment needs him to get into Melee.
#2 Kill your opponents top hitter. If there is a Lelu, Joss, Peacekeeper, or something similar on the board it has to die before you Pop out the big guy. those kinds of hitters will shred A-Seamus.
#3 Once manifested keep him in melee. Drop him in the Center of your opponets crew and keep him with Armor 2. Then you can start punching or Howling depending on what your facing.

Dont underestimate his Anathema ability. Requiring every model who comes at him to take a terrify check is sweet. Its probably his best defense. I would not manifest him against certain opponents, such as Pandora since his Wp drop is massive, so against foes to target WP often keep him in the Regular Form. Otherwise feel free to use Succumb to Darkness at least 1 time. Your WP will drop to 3, so NEVER USE THIS VS DREAMER! But your Anathema jumping to a solid 15 means the average model needs to burn a double digit card just to fight you. Swarm attackers such as Marionettes and Malifaux Rats are very likely to head for the hills the second they have to test vs his 15.

A nice thing about A-Seamus is he has 2 strong focus' He can either hit you with his 3' reach fists, or start a WP frenzy. Against living crews I might Bellow every turn just to make them pitch a lot of cards. And he can always fall back on the whole Punching thing if they flip really well. Im hoping I can really take advantage of his flexability in the future to have better results.

Those are the big things I have at the moment for him. I feel like if I can get a solid handle his Manifesting and when to focus on punching or bellowing I should be able to turn A-Seamus into a serious winner.

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wrabbit37 said...

I don't think you need to get that second Manifest Requirement. It seems to me like Zoraida's Obey-centered one. Nice to have if you get it, but don't plan on it, and certainly don't over-extend for it.