Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Molly Game Report

The Winter Malifaux achievment league has started and Once again I am likely to win Ressers by default! Its a touch lame, but on the upside it means I dont really have to try that hard on certain achivements, and I can focus on playing with Molly when ever possible. And last night I got in my 3rd game with her.

25 SS scrap vs Zee

I took; Molly, Necrotic Machine, Sybelle, Rotten Belle, Dead Doxie, 2 Crooligans, 5 stones

Zee had; Marcus, Jackalope, 2 Waldegiests, 2 Raptors, Shikome.

My Mission was Plant the Evidence along with Eye for an Eye and Kill Protege
Zee's Mission was Supply Wagon, along with Sabotage, and Kill Protege

I deployed Molly and Co. in my corner, and set the crooligans up on the other side of the board. His Shikome made a Crooligan its prey. I started by having Sybelle move up and use Call Belle to place my Rotten Belle close to a terrain piece I could drop evidence on. He responded by flinging Marcus, the Jackalope, and Both Raptors into combat with her. I slowly moved the rest of my crew up near the fight, using Imbue Vigor and Inviting approach to get the Dead Doxie into the fight very fast. She tried to smack Marcus but didn't do a whole lot. The Crooligans were facing down the Shikome who gunned it for the Sabotage terrain piece. They tried to ignore her as they ran towards their objective. The Waldegiests brought up the rear as they tried to assist marucs in the fight. My rotten belle went and with the help of Rot, I was able to one shot a Raptor. Lastly the Necro Machine moved closer to the Shikome.

Turn 2:
He won Init and Marcus pummeled my Belle, she used slow to die and killed the other Raptor. This ended being huge, as they were annoying, and on a meduim base so they each left 2 corpses for Molly. I used the Dead Doxy next and she did very little. the Waldegiest ran up, moved a forest onto the Doxy and killed her. Sybelle ran up onto a hill and planted evidence, then the Shikome Sabotaged its terrain. My Crooligans ran up to another piece of terrain, but didn't have any AP to plant evidence. Molly moved forward and resummoned a new Belle. Then the Necrotic Machine went and used the Lets both die spell on the Shikome.

Turn 3:
Marcus again took the Iniative and Charged into Sybelle. He took her down pretty hard. The Waldegiests ran over to protect the Supply wagon which now was facing two crooligans and had no support. The Crooligans planted evidence and moved towards the wagon. Molly stepped up and planted evidence, giving me 3/4 evidence markers down. She then re-summoned Sybelle, who did very little to the waldegiests.

Turn 4:
Marcus once again had the Init, he charged into Molly, who hosed up his attacks with her awesomeness. She then blocked the Jackalope's charge with Pitiful. Sybelle went next and removed the armor from one of the Waldegiests. My Crooligans and her went to town on the damn thing, but it lived. The other Waldegiest went and killed a crooligan. Molly finally went. She showed off her best buddy Philip's head, and made the Jackalope head for the hills. Marcus stood pat, but had to burn a soul stone to do so. Molly then summoned a Rotten Belle and the Belle planted the last piece of evidence.
At this point the game was fairly well in hand. His wagon wasn't moving much due to a large combat near it, and I was up on him 6-4, with Eye for an Eye looking probable.

Turn 5:
Marcus won init friggin again. Molly burned a lot cards and stones, but managed to live with about 2 hp. My last crooligan went and stabbed the wounded Waldegiest, droping him to 1 wd, but also giving it poison. The last Waldegiest tried to hit Sybelle, but she lived. The Rotten Belle I had summoned the turn before lured the Waldegiest away from the Wagon, and did a small amount of damage. Molly went, summoning a Belle and casting her damage spell at Marcus. I burned my last soulstone to make it go off big, it hit him with Severe damage causing Marcus to be paralyzed. The new rotten belle hit the Wagon with her Umbrella damaging it.
I was up at this point still 6-4

Turn 6 I won the init and my Belle killed the Wagon. we called the game here, and Molly took home an 8-4 victory.

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Adam said...

Wow, The time I played with molly she did terrible, you seemed to do really well with her