Monday, November 28, 2011

Puppet Painting Powow

+50 internets if you know why this is here

I have painted up 34 of my 49 puppets.

So Far I have painted:

Seamus, Lady J, Marucs, Pandora, Bette, Sebastian, Judge, Nino, Kade, Joss, Misaki, Alyce, Bad Juju, Rotten Belle, Punk Zombie, Zombie Chiuahuah, Nurse, Convict Gunslinger, 2 Executioners, 2 Death Marshalls, 2 Austringers, Witchling Stalker, Guild Hound, 2 December Acolytes, Razor Rattler, Moleman, Ice Golem, Piglet, 2 Cherubs.

That impressive list leaves me with only
Vicki, Hooded Rider, Nurse, Punk Zombie, Rotten belle, Guild Autopsy, 2 Slurids, Mature Nephlim, Sorrow, Razor Rattler, Ronin, Convict Gunslinger, Pig whisperer, Bayou Gremlins. And eventually I will have 5 teddies arrive at my door thanks to Wyrd's black friday sale. So the puppet painting craze will continue until every last one is painted up and ready for play.

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Magilla Gurilla said...

Carlos Collodi was the pen name of Carlo Lorenzini who was the author of Pinocchio. In addition, it is the name of my favorite demented little puppet master in Malifaux!