Friday, November 25, 2011

Some Puppets!

My original idea for painting up my puppets was to keep it as easy as possible. Paint them up in their faction color, wash them brown or something and drybrush them with a lighter color. They would look cool, and be done in a few hours. But as I have played the game and realised I actually really like the puppet models I changed my tone. And now I have decided to paint them for reals. Well kind of, Im not going overboard on the scheme, and yesterday I painted 9 puppets in about 2 hours. The general idea here is to make them look as close to their cards as possible, so my none malifaux playing friends can tell what is what. Here is Marcus and his crew.



Rusty Alyce

Ice Golem


Guild Hound

December Acolyte 1

December Acolyte 2


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